Thursday, July 26, 2012

Table made from re-cycled wood

So I have all this re-cycled wood lying around in my garage that I've been meaning to do something with for a while now.
Some from my hubby bringing scraps of wood home from work.
Some from a friend that gets old pallet wood all the time from his work,
and not to mention the old wood floor that someone tore out of a old home and was throwing away
What a Score!
When I saw the wood floor I immediately thought that this would make an awesome table top
So I put my thinking cap on and this is what I came up with.


This is where I got my inspiration from 
My World of Products Catalog:
This is how I made it!
  I selected some of the good pieces of pallet wood that didn't have all the knot holes and rough edges and drew out my design that I wanted for the front of the sofa table and laid my decorative scroll piece on top so I got the right curves that I needed.
See how it fits just nicely on the curve.:)

I then found these decorative legs from an old square table I was going to refinish one day just haven't got around to it yet LOL! they looked almost the same as my inspirational pic so I thought they would be a great template for the legs for this table.
I used some scrap pieces of 2x6 pine that my Husband had bought home from work and laid the legs on top and traced the pattern out.
I Then Cut them all out with my Jig Saw and sanded them down with my orbital sander.
Once I had the frame and legs cut out I used Glue and screws and put the frame together. I decided that I wanted to add a shelf at the bottom and since I still had quite a bit of the smaller pieces of pallet wood left I decided to use them as a shelf.
The smaller pieces weren't in great shape on the edges so on most of them I had to cut the edges off so since they weren't all the same width I decided on the Larger pieces on the outside and getting smaller as it got to the middle...
I love how it came out.
After getting the base all done and sanded I then needed a top and I had the perfect solution, 
The Old wood floor that we scored from someone doing some renovations and they were throwing it away..:)
It need a lot of TLC but after sanding on it for a while it came out beautiful.

I then Painted the base black and gave it a slight distressed look and Stained the top with an Early American stain from Minwax.


Cost of this...
Wood: Free
The paint, Stain, screws and glue I already had I just had to Buy some extra sandpaper
and the decorative design on the front which cost me $5.00
My Inspirational Table
$99.00 Retail

I ♥ my Table
Hope you enjoyed my Tutorial



  1. I saw this on Hometalk, which I just discovered last night and am now totally hooked on. (Great, there's another 12 step program I'm going to have to find.) I LOVE this table so I had to come see your blog and joined it. Now I am going to find you on facebook. Obsessions really have no end do they....

    1. LOL no they don't ...Glad to have you on board...:)and Thank you♥

  2. Tania, what can I say you have a gift! I found you on Hometalk and wanted to see what else you had been creating so I popped over to your sight. I love to create as well but I can learn a lot from your post. I mean you make it from scratch....high five!!! I am your new follower can't wait to see more.

    1. Thank you Lori, Glad you liked it.. I have so many ideas floating around in this head of mine,and I have a few more I am working on right now and every wonderful post like yours just inspires me to do more...Cheers! and thank you again♥

  3. Woah, Tania! That is AMAZING. Like, completely incredibly crazy amazing! You BUILT that!!! Wahoo, go girl!! Love it!! You did a great job, I want to build something from scratch like that now (:

    1. Thank You Kelli :)... I have been following you on Hometalk and I love all your Ideas too... What an inspiration you are too..cheers! and keep up the awesome work♥

  4. that is totally beautiful! Love the paint job too, great choices!!

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. Have a fabulous week!

    1. Your Welcome Anne and thanks for popping on over to see mine and for your kind and lovely post Cheers!♥

  5. Hi Tania!

    loved your blog! His works are beautiful! Congratulations!
    I like to recycle wood pieces. I'm new to the area, but it is my favorite hobby.
    I'm brazilian. If you want to know my space, feel free!

    Have a good day!

    1. Hi Nadja, Thank You for stopping By and for your kind words... I'm from Australia Originally But have lived here in the States for 22 years... Recycling wood and making stuff is one of my favourite things to do and I love to create new things... I'm heading over to your blog Now... Cheers! Have a great Day and stop by any time♥ Tania

  6. I think your piece is much more beautiful than the inspirational piece. You do great jobs on your recycles.

    1. Awe Thank you Your Kind comment means a lot :))))♥ CHEERS!