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My Dog SASHA and the Neighbors Dog SASHA Playing..:)

OK! So you are probably wondering why both dogs names are SASHA!
Well this is how the story goes....
Our Sasha was a rescue Puppy that was left behind when a Resident at an apartment complex that My Husband worked at decided that they didn't want to pay the PET deposit of $200.00 to have a large dog..
So the people that owned her left her to fend for herself..:(
When we found her she was just a ball of Fluff and just 4 months old and as cute as a button

 Now who could resist a face like that???

We gave the Owners ample time to come retrieve her By leaving posts in the Laundry Mat at the Complex... But after a week NO TAKERS! 
I was actually relieved cause I really didn't want to give her back since they had already neglected her..... POOR BABY!

When I took her home She Got Car sick all over me and my car... I felt so bad I didn't even care about the Car I was just worried about her, So I took her to the vet and they gave her a GOOD bill of heath... I guess  she Just wasn't a car rider at this time..:(
We attempted the car rides a few more times after this and the more she rode the better she got and Now she loves to ride and put her nose out the window..:)
A year went by and she was such a good puppy until one day She started to get real sick so I took her back to the vet and they told me that she had Heart Worms...:(
The Vet told me that she probably was bit by a  Mosquito at some time, So to kill the Heart Worm she would have to have cyanide Pumped into her blood stream to kill the worms but it was very dangerous since she was still a puppy and was still very bouncy and active... I was so scared for her but knew it had to be done...
She was confined to a 2ft x 2ft pen for about 4 weeks since she was not allowed to be active after her treatment..
Well She made it through and No More signs of Heart Worm...:)
In 2004 I Gave birth To my Beautiful Twin Girls and Sasha and My 3 Cats (Zachariah Johnson, Samuel Beckett, and Momma Cita ) and Hubby and I all became 1 Big Happy Family...
We Decided when the girls were 5 months old that we would move back to My husbands Home Roots where he grew up and went to school, and when we finally came upon the perfect home and Started to move in The Neighbor Lady, Her Husband, Her sister and Her Sisters Husband.. came over with a Big pot of Soup...Gotta Love that "Southern Hospitality"
She introduced herself and her family members and stayed a while... I just knew right then that we were going to get a long just Great..:)
As they were leaving out of the corner of my eye I spotted a Dog, So I turned and whistled....♪♫♪♫ and Called out SHASHA GIRL COME HERE BABY! My Neighbor looked at me and said..WOW! How did you know My Dogs Name????
and to it I replied ...OH MY I thought it was my SASHA!
They look the same 
They are the same Breed
They are the same Age
They have the same Personalities 
They are both Female
And they are Both Rescue Dogs!
Sasha turned 14 in September of 2012
We say her Birth date is September because we figured she was about 4 months old when we found her in January... So that is what her records say on  her file at the vet.
She is having trouble getting up and down steps but she is still going strong and we Love her Very Much... the neighbors Sasha is also still with us but  she too is having problems with getting around and up and down stairs...
So there you have it 
That is the way the 2 Sasha's Met

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