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  1. Love the repurposed cabinet from drawer and shutters. Great insight for a purposeful item. Not sure how you open the shutters without a pull, using the slats? Great job overall

    1. TayRose Thank you for your Comment... I have made a few of these Cabinets, some with Handles some with out... I purposely left the handles off the one I used for my bathroom because I just liked the look without them... I guess if you wanted to add them that would be a personal preference. I usually just open then from the bottom because they are mounted on the outside and are easy to pull open ..You could of course use the strip of wood in the center of the slats to open them..The shutters are in working use too so they open and shut just like they did when they were hanging on the window to let in light... But I keep them closed... Thanks again for your Comment I l♥ve hearing Feed back on my stuff. Cheers! and have a wonderful Day..:)

  2. Tania, I am impressed and in awe! All of your things are just lovely! Thank you for the constant inspiration! =) ~Staci

    1. Staci You are so sweet♥ Thank You for your Kind words and You are sooo welcome cheers!♥ Tania xxx =^)