Sunday, July 1, 2012

Just wasn't meant to be

So Here we Go On My first ever Blog... I hope it goes well...UGH! I normally have a lot to say but right now I'm at a loss for words.... Well I guess I'll Start with Telling you about my weekend...
Well we just got our Camper back from the Dealer and we were all so excited about Taking it to Rend Lake this weekend for the 4th of July Fireworks Display they were Having over the water.. Well we went Friday afternoon after My Husband Got home from work and Drove Down to sus out the spots that may be available, well when we got there Most of the spots were already Reserved..:(. Which we thought that with it being so hot and I mean hotter that I have ever seen it at this time of year..(like temps have been reaching over 100 Degrees Celsius Hot..Yikes! That most people would cancel and we might get lucky on a spot) But No I guess people are just as Crazy as we are... So then we decided to go see if the Non-reservable sites on the other side of the Lake were filled up, and By chance there were quite a few spots still available so we decided to come early in the morning and set up the Camper....
A Disappointing dilemma:
Next morning we Had everything set to go, Kids in the Truck and were about to leave when My Husbands looks down at his Back rear Right Tire and notices a considerable amount of oily substance.:( Not Good... Looks like a wheel bearing... so we didn't want to chance it especially when we had a long drive and a heavy load on the back.."Can't Chance that wheel falling off" so we just decided to stay home...:( My Girls were quite disappointed but we Made the most of the weekend and Had a cookout with Family members over and we Stayed cool in the pool.... So I guess it was just meant to be.... we still Have a lot of summer left so there will be a lot more Camping Days on Our Calendar....Oh and even though we missed the Fireworks Saturday at Rend Lake They are still having the Fireworks here in Town Wednesday On The 4th...
Happy 4th of July everybody and Be safe... Cheers!


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