Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Treasure Box to Treasure Forever....

A little Boys treasure Box..:)

I have been real busy Making Last minute Christmas gifts and Signs These past 3 weeks and I was asked by my wonderful neighbor who I just love so very much and would do anything for if I could Make Her Grandson a Birthday Present for the 19th of December...
 I have a real Problem with saying NO,  so I told her YES no problem...
So I thought I would Share with you all this Cute and Easy Treasure Box I made For LUKE!
These make wonderful Gifts and can be treasured for years to come...
The Size of the box I'm making measures 15"w x 10"d x 5 1/2"h

First I cut 4 sides out of 1/2" birch 
Long pieces were 15" x 5 1/2"
short pieces were 9" x 5 1/2"

Using My Finish Nailer I Glued and Nailed all the sides together...

Then I cut the Bottom out of a Piece of Luan 
10" x 15"

and Brad nailed it to the bottom

Then I sanded and Rounded off the edges..

I then measured for the width of the hinges and Marked it off..
Then Using a chisel and a sharp X-ACTO knife I notched some groves in the wood and punched the small pieces out and then Cleaned it up with my Sharp X-ACTO knife

Look How Nicely that Fits in there :)

I then Cut a piece of 3/4" birch 10" x 15" for the lid and Painted the Box and Lid a solid Black

Once I had my Box and Lid painted It was time for the Graphics for the top of the Box..
My Neighbor told me that her Grandson Loved Panthers so I Came Up with a real cool Design and then transferred it onto My Silhoutte program...

Once I got the design to size I then Cut it out with some Vinyl
and applied it to the black painted lid...

Since the design of the panther was going to be Black and White... I needed to figure out how to break up the Black background with the body of the Black panther,
so I used an old paint brush and in an outward motion dry brushed some blue paint away from the vinyl, I then decided that it still needed something more so I dry brushed some white over top of the blue which gave it a 2 tone affect....
It's starting to take affect... don't ya think?..:)

Once the shadowing around the edges was finished... I then Peeled off the detailed pieces of the vinyl to reveal the black paint underneath.. Using a stencil brush I painted the revealed areas with at least 3 coats of white to cover the blackened areas...

Once Dried I peeled away the remanding vinyl to reveal the image I was looking for.

So what do ya think????
I think LUKE's Gonna Love it..;)

Now For his Name...
That looks about right Just there..;)

I painted his name Blue and then Gave it a wisk of White in an upward motion to give it a shaded affect

Almost done!

And there you have it... that wasn't hard at all...

Now that it is all painted it's time to put all the Hardware on...
I used some Brass Decorative Corners to Jazz up the Lid 
A decorative Brass Hasp so Luke can Lock his treasures Up tight
and some Brass hinges for the back...

Once the Box was done I needed to make a tray for inside so that he could have a hidden compartment underneath...
I made a tray 2 1/2" deep just a little smaller than the inside dimensions of the Box and Cut 2 long and 2 short strips of wood 1" thick...

The long strips were used for a ledge to stop the tray from falling to the bottom of the box

The Short strips were used for handles on the tray...
I painted the ledges inside of the box Black and painted the Tray Black and Blue and White.

And Here it is the finished product...
Ready to deliver to a very happy Young  boy on his Birthday..:)
I hope He likes it...
well I'm pretty sure he will since my 2 Twin 8 year old girls are trying to keep it for them selves LOL!

The Tray fits perrrrfectly.:)


Hope you do Too ♥

This Is the Box that I made For Luke's Brother Isaac...

Thank you for Visiting ....
Hope you come back to see more Fun Projects.
Please feel free to comment... I read every comment you leave.:)



  1. Love the Black Panther treasure box of yours! I try creating treasure box but it turns out so bad... but you make me inspired again to finish what I have started. Thanks for the info!

    1. Awww! Thank You Jeff you are so welcome :).... I'm so glad I've helped to get that inspirational drive back.... Good Luck with your Treasure Box and Hopefully many more to come...
      Cheers! Tania x

  2. Thanks for that tutorial especially the hinges! You did a great job!

    1. Thank You Marie..:) You are so Welcome..
      Cheers! Tania

  3. This is really a treasure box that people will love to treasure it forever...You did a good job here Tania.

  4. Great show of artistic ability Tania. I love the painting you did on it! Let's connect sometime. I would love to help you get more exposure for your amazing work!

    Thanks, Sean

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