Sunday, September 16, 2012

How to make Yummy Smores..:)♥

So We went Camping this weekend and because the weather is getting so Cool now we decided to make a nice Campfire to sit by...
My Hubby and I just Love Camping and the outdoors and we try to go every chance we can...
And Friday was His Birthday so it was a great weekend to do it..
Not to mention my twin girls love it also and they are at the age right now where they enjoy riding their bikes and finding new friends to mingle with.
We are going to try and go still every  chance we can get cause this is the best time to sit outside and relax and enjoy the beautiful outdoors until it gets too cold and the snow starts to fall.

So I thought I would make a little Video for all of you to enjoy..
One of My twin girls "Katelyn" asked if she could be the Star in this little slap together clip...
So I told her Well Yes of course she could...
There is also a sneak peak of the campground host in there some where..
Just cause he wanted a piece of the action too LOL!
So Here it is ...

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