Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kitchen Island I made from an Inspirational picture.....

Another PINTEREST moment

So here we are again...
I have been so busy with all my signs I've been making that I finally got a break to make another PINTEREST inspirational piece...

So this is what I was inspired by......

this is the site I found it on

So here we go....................

I started with a simple 24" old Door
My Cat Blacky wanted to be in the pictures :)

Everything Looks OK on this side Mum...

But then he got Bored and went to torment Sasha....

Sasha was in deep thought and didn't know Blacky was there....
Or was it all just a TRICK????

and soon Blacky lost interest.....

W hat a Clever GIRL!!!!

Awwwwe Maybe next time Blacky... NOT!!!! Hahahahaha

OK so back to the door.... 
I removed all the Hardware.

Then I filled the void where the handle was with a block of wood...

Now for the Water Putty.... I love this stuff it Dries REAL Hard...

And then sanded and sanded and sanded..................................

When all the holes were filled in and Sanded it was time to apply 
the Vaseline before the paint

Now to SPRAY PAINT the entire door.............

OK after spray paint is applied allow to dry fully then get 
a flat scraper and scrape away the paint where the Vaseline was applied

 When finished scraping it should look something like this....

I wiped away the excess Vaseline and then applied some Dark stain over the entire surface.
Let sit for about 10 minutes and then wipe off excess stain...
This gives it an aging look....
I gave the entire surface a light spray of clear coat just to seal the stain, 
and then I gave it 3 coats of clearcoat....

I then Started on the Base...
The entire structure on the base was made out of 2x4's

I used a Kreg Jig and 3" screws to attach the Frame together...

The shelf at the bottom ... I ripped a 2x4 in half and use them for the Brace beams 
that the slats were going to sit on...
As you can see in the picture the Shelf underneath is half the width of the island
this is to allow for bar stools to be slid up under the island when not in use.

The slats are then cut out of 1x4's and are positioned slightly apart
ready to be nailed on with my handy air braid nailer...

Before I nailed on the slats I painted the frame to give it a wood look appearance 
and then I distressed all the edges...
I then gave all the slats a light stain and clear coat, 
then I nailed them to the base....

Using my Kreg Jig I drilled some holes to the inside frame of the Base to allow me 
to screw the door to it...
and WOLLA!!!! Here is the finished product.
A piece of PLEXI GLASS or TEMPERED GLASS could be used to place on top to finish it off...
 All in all I think It turned out Quite NICE....

The Stainless steel stool in this picture was all I had at the time
but is not what is going to be used...

The Chair in the picture BELOW was found at and they are only 
about $25 Each....


Here is a picture of the island with The Tempered Glass on top,
and the Bar stools slid up underneath..:)

So Glad you stopped by to Visit
 Please feel free to Comment



  1. Great job creating your own!! You really did a remarkable job, looks awesome!

  2. I love that inspiration photo too! And you totally rocked your version! Awesome job!

  3. I'm in the process of buying a lakehouse to fix up and that would be perfect! Thanks for the idea!

    1. You are Very welcome.... Good luck with the Lake house I'm sure it will all be perfect :) Cheers!

  4. Beautiful!!!! What color stain did you use for the legs?

    1. Hi Jill B ....
      I did not use just a stain for the legs.... It was a painting technique I have using Black paint as the base color and then dry brushing a dark maroon color and then dry brushing a dark gold over that.. When the paint dried I applied a light coat of Early American Stain over to blend all the colors together.... It was left over paint from when my Mother-In-Law painted her Bedroom so I experimented with the colors and came up with this..... When you look at it, it looks like real old wood..... :)
      Hope this helps ...Cheers! TaniaC

  5. I love this design but how does it work for functionality. I've been wanting to do a repurposed door project for awhile and this seems perfect but I would think the uneven divots in the door could be a nuisance for cleaning and usage purposes. Any suggestions to even out the top? Plexiglass, Filling the grooves with lacquer - something else?

    Thank you and it looks great - good work!

    1. It has a sheet of glass covering the door so it wipes clean every time.... :)

  6. I was the original designer for the kitchen door island on 'you are who i am' and I think you did a fantastic job explaining the whole process. Much better then I could have if you ask me. Way to go! And thanks for the credit! I really do appreciate it and am beyond thrilled to have inspired someone! Much love-CG

    1. Callie You are an amazing designer....... your site was very inspirational.... WAY TO GO YOU !!!!.... Thanks to all the creators out there....With much LOVE back at you... TC.

  7. Buenisima y genial idea!!!!!!
    La pondré en practica
    Saludos Gisel

  8. I like yours better than the one that inspired you. Great Job!!!!

    1. You are very kind ...Thank you xx I like both designs :)

  9. can u post the length of the different boards used for the frame

  10. What is the height of the table?

  11. I have a "mom" just found the perfect door for this project and as I'm building I begin getting excited bc I will now have the perfect place to store my KA Mixer and other things then I think, "how many times a day will some one kick it of the dang shelf while sitting on the stool?" So I ask you, how many times a day does this actually happen, if any, and if so, any ideas on preventing it? Love this so much!

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. I tried to find instructions on another site and was blocked out. Your instructions are extremely informative and easy to understand. I was thinking about adding a middle shelf just above the other at the next brace in the middle horizontally. Do you think that will work? I love this design but I need it to have a bit more storage.

  14. I got to say that this is truly inspirational. I love that you use something new, and something old. To make something else, thats really what innovation is about :)

  15. Thanks for these outstanding pictures . These are really beautiful. thanks for sharing with us

  16. You had a wonderful vision and executed it beautifully!

  17. You did an amazing job! Totally inspiring!

  18. Great. I got an old door, may be I'll be following this idea of making island for my small kitchen

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